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    Superabrasive Finishing Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

    Engis Aerospace

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    Engis Corporation offers a wide range of superabrasive finishing solutions to the aerospace industry. Our ability to engineer grinding, lapping & polishing and single-pass bore finishing solutions to a wide variety of applications makes Engis a leader in this field. Examples include:

    Jet Engine Build and Repair:

          Abrasive machining of shrouds and nozzles
          Creep feed grinding of Z notch
          Hand polishing and deburring solutions on blades
          Precision lapping of bearing seals
            Shoulder lapping of deaerator shaft
            Shoulder lapping of gear box shaft
         • MRO – regrinding of broaches

         • Deburring of titanium and high nickel superalloy structures

    Landing Gear
         • Single-pass bore finishing of landing gear
         • Hand polishing of critical precision components

    Rather than be limited to grinding or polishing, Engis offers a broad range of superabrasive solutions on a wide variety of components and applications. In addition, three of our Process Development Labs can work hand-in-hand with you to resolve even the most challenging processing challenge.

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    Electrogrip® Grinding Wheels & Cutting Tools
    Bore Finishing Machines & Accessories
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      We provide the best Process Development, Sales and Customer Support in the industry.
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