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    Electrogrip® Superabrasive Grinding Wheels

    Engis Corporation Engis Corporation

    Diamond Superabrasive Grinding Wheels

    Electrogrip diamond grinding wheels are available in both formed and type 1A1, and are designed primarily for grinding hard or abrasive materials such as ferrites, tungsten carbide, ceramics, aluminum oxide, gray and ductile iron, abrasives and carbon.

    Major advantages of Electrogrip superabrasive grinding wheels are their ability to cut freely and provide a cool cutting action. This feature makes them ideally suited for use on materials where coolants would cause damage. However, using coolants whenever possible will increase the life and performance of Electrogrip grinding wheels. They have proven themselves on thousands of jobs by accurately performing timesaving grinding operations without breakdowns. No truing or dressing is necessary to maintain Electrogrip superabrasive grinding wheels. Just mount on your machine spindle and grind. When the diamond mono-layer is worn out, return the wheel to Engis for replating

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    CBN Superabrasive Grinding Wheels

    Engis CBN superabrasive grinding wheels are available in a variety of sizes and styles, both plain and formed to specific contours. These grinding wheels are designed primarily for grinding such materials as: high carbon; high chrome; high speed steels, such as M2, M3, M7 and T15; die steels, such as: D2, D3, HB, A & O; alloy steels (harder than 50 Rc); nickel and cobalt base super alloys; titanium; stainless steels, etc.

    Electroplated CBN grinding wheels offer substantial benefits in grinding exotic alloy steels. Since the CBN crystal resists dulling much better than conventional abrasives, it provides stress-free, cool cutting action throughout its long life. The crystal tends to be self-sharpening as cutting stress increases. The mono-layer wheel structure requires no truing or dressing throughout its life, thereby eliminating truing tool cost as well as non-productive wheel truing time.

    • Tough crystals - stay sharp longer
    • Cuts cooler - no metallurgical part damage
    • Low abrasive cost per part ground
    • Needs no truing or dressing
    • High precision
    • Consistent parts batch-to-batch

    Electrogrip® Diamond Saw Blades
    Engis Corporation

    CBN Electroplated Broach Grinding Wheels

    CBN plated superabrasive grinding wheels...a highly productive alternative to aluminum oxide wheels, for the sharpening of broach gullets. These grinding wheels can be used on your conventional broach grinder without modification. However, for best results, equipment of rigid construction with a good spindle should be used. While wheel life is best when coolant is used, the operation can be done dry. The aggressive, free-cutting CBN superabrasive generates little heat. This is especially important in dry grinding.

    You will find these CBN grinding wheels to be a very efficient and cost-effective way to grind broaches.

    • Aggressive grinding with less burnishing
    • Broach remains cooler
    • No dressing required
    • Big savings — wheel is recycled, not thrown away
    • Available in any form, and in a variety of grit sizes

    Electrogrip® Diamond Saw Blades

    Engis Corporation

    CBN Form Grinding Wheels

    A variety of CBN form grinding wheels are available from Engis Corporation.

    Our engineers, using sophisticated software and a wealth of application expertise, will custom design each superabrasive grinding wheel to your specifications and tolerances. High-precision CNC turning and grinding operations prepare the blanks for our Electrogrip electroplating process. Each wheel goes through a multi-step inspection process prior to release for shipment.

    Electrogrip® Diamond Saw Blades

    Engis Corporation

    Electrogrip® Diamond Saw Blades

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    Electromill™ Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

    ElectroMill diamond and CBN electroplated grinding wheels replace expensive, complex indexable tungsten carbide or PCD milling cutters in high volume production finishing applications by consistently providing accurate flatness and part tolerances. With the right machine tool conditions and speed/feed parameters, throughput is significantly increased and tool costs, tool changeover and down-time cycles are dramatically reduced. ElectroMill can be successfully applied in marine, small-engine, automotive, off-road, agriculture, aerospace, defense and other industries - across a wide variety of components as well as ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic materials.

    • Tool life of the ElectroMill has proven to be 50,000 pieces, consistently.
    • The mills are then sent back to Engis for strip and replate.
    • Tool quality, dimensional accuracy and life repeatability are the same as the original mill.

    Engis Corporation

    Electrogrip® Diamond Saw Blades

    Custom Wheels for Face Grinding and Other Special Appilications

    Engis constantly develops new designs and products, while continuously improving existing superabrasive grinding wheel designs for higher levels of precision and performance.

    In particular, we create custom superabrasive diamond and CBN grinding wheels for medical, automotive and aerospace applications that utilize advanced ceramics, superalloys, composites and other hard-to-machine materials – especially where tolerance requirements are beyond what is achievable by standard or conventional grinding and milling.

    In fact, in some applications, Engis grinding wheels have replaced conventional face milling, producing superior Ra & Ry values for surface finishes and flatness.

    Medical Applications
    Engis Corporation
    Engis diamond & CBN wheels maintain surface integrity with controlled grinding and polishing of both ceramic and metallic medical and dental products, including prosthetics, sharps, surgical tools and dental implants. We also design specially processed grinding wheels for dental burr manufacturing.
    Automotive Applications
    Engis Corporation
    Innovative Engis diamond wheels also finish asymmetrical shapes and surfaces for ceramic automotive components. Engis face grinding wheels are used for aluminum manifolds and blocks, cast iron or bi-metal engine blocks, and cast iron connecting rods.
    Aerospace Applications
    Engis Corporation
    Custom diamond wheels from Engis are used to grind aerospace and flight control components within super critical tolerances – including ceramic pump seals custom-made for the Space Shuttle.

    We provide the best Process Development, Sales and Customer Support in the industry.
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