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    Having Problems with Variable Lapping Rates?

    Maintaining the flatness of your lapping plate is critical to a stable process. Generally, this is achieved through the use of diamond plated conditioning rings and requires a high level of operator experience and skill. To reduce this challenge, Engis has engineered a solution that helps take the ‘black art’ out of lapping; the FastLap Facing/Grooving Device.

    Using a diamond tool bit, this innovative Device removes the top layer of the plate, flat to within microns, when reconditioning is necessary. Then a groove pattern is machined in a second pass. When the Device is not in use, it retracts out of the work zone.

    The Facing/Grooving Device, in combination with the pneumatic pressure heads of the FastLap machine, establishes a process that consistently achieves:

                • Accurate plate conditioning

                • Controlled surface geometry and texture

                • Fast, predictable stock removal

    With predictable plate surface topography, groove pattern and controlled velocity and pressure, the entire lapping process becomes easier to manage and your results are more repeatable. Also, this unit is operator-friendly and eliminates the strain of lifting conditioning rings onto the plate

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    By incorporating a single point turning tool, as opposed to conditioning rings or similar tools which require operator skill in their accurate positioning, the overall lapping environment is rendered controlled and predictable.

    Control Plate Flatness and Texture

    The lapping plate is a key component of any lapping system and is often overlooked as an important variable.

    The shape of the lapping plate influences the geometry of the parts being processed and contributes to achievable surface finish and lapping rates. Plate flatness is key to part flatness.
    Lapping plates provide support in applying abrasive to the surface of the work piece in fixed, semi-fixed or free lapping modes.
    Predictable, repeatable plate texture is vital to abrasive action.
    Controlling the groove pattern (macro texture) and lands (micro texture) of the plate surface allows for greater consistency in removal rates and surface finishes. A consistent bearing ratio means consistent unit load.

    Using a programmable facing/grooving unit, integrated with the FastLap control system, a consistent, controllable bearing ratio is generated.
    Result: CONSISTENT Lap Rate

    Using conditioning rings and abrasives, a random, uncontrolled texture results in an unpredictable bearing ratio.
    Result: INCONSISTENT Lap Rate

    Colored highlights represent plate bearing area

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