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    Lapping & Polishing of Precision Optical and Photonic Lenses

    Engis Solutions for Fire Arms Manufacturers

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    Engis Solutions for Fire Arms Manufacturers

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    Lapping Sapphire
    Lapping Zinc Selenide
    Lapping and Polishing Machines & Accessories
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    Product Development Assistance

    While fused Silica, BK7 and Borofloat are relatively easy to lap and polish using cerium oxide and other conventional abrasives, super hard materials like sapphire or zinc selenide present an entirely new challenge. Lapping cycles can become very long which drive up costs and lower factory output.

    Engis has more than 50 years of experience in the
    lapping and polishing of many challenging materials harnessing the power of diamond, the hardest material known to man.

    Our R&D Labs specialize in developing new products for the processing of optical and photonic substrates while our
    Process Development Laboratories work hand-in-hand with customers to reduce cycle times, improve part quality and finishes while at the same time reducing waste and rejects. In addition, we offer full systems solutions to any application challenge; the machines, machine accessories and consumables.

    We are experienced with many exotic materials such as Sapphire, Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sufide, Germanium, Calcium Flouride, Magnesium Flouride, Silicon Carbide, Beryllium, YAG and Galium Nitride. All of these materials lend themselves to being processed more efficiently with diamond than Boron Carbide or Cerium.

    Let our specialized labs work with you to:
         • Improve flatness, parallelism and surface finish
         • Reduce cycle times and improve productivity
         • Reduce waste and associated disposal issues
         • Lower overall costs

    No other company has the in-depth expertise in lapping and polishing with diamond, or the capacity to engineer complete complete superabrasive finishing systems as Engis. Let our drive and competitive spirit help you accomplish your goals!

      We provide the best Process Development, Sales and Customer Support in the industry.
    Contact your local Engis
    Regional Sales Manager or Customer Service Representative.

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